Library File Folder Games

I downloaded file folder games from File Folder FunMr. Printables (which has really cute games, crafts, posters and stuff, all printable for free! just make sure to credit the website, and don’t sell any of it), and this post on

I really, really love this lemon counting activity. To save paper, I edited the activity pages and put five trees on each page. I did the same with the flowers. I cut them out, and put five on each side of the file folder. Then I colored lemons and leaves onto the images for the kids to count.  I decided to split the lemon/leaf counting activity into two folders.

I used Scotch restickable tabs to adhere the folders to the bench. I stapled plastic sandwich bags to the folders and put the activity pieces in them.

I’m going to make a DDC matching folder game, too. 

Oh! Quiet books too!

A big thanks to ellietheoverlander for suggesting file folder games! They’re exactly what I was looking for. I’m excited to start using these bad boys in the library! 

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    New file folder games for the children’s library!
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